Affordable Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal Procedure


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    Affordable Laser Hair Removal

    At Transforming Beauty Spa, we provide you with quality laser removal treatments. In just five to seven laser treatment sessions, you will enjoy permanent hair removal that lasts a lifetime. Visit us to get one of the most popular cosmetic procedures across the country done.

    How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

    With our non-invasive laser hair removal procedure, you can get smooth skin with better results than waxing or shaving. Modern technology makes it easy to apply this method to both small and large areas of the skin.

    The process takes place over five to seven treatments to ensure permanent hair removal, depending on the hair and skin type, color, density and thickness. You will be provided with goggles to protect your eyes from the laser at the beginning of each appointment. In addition, at least a half hour beforehand, a numbing gel will be applied to the area. This is to protect your skin from discomfort and enhance the laser’s effects. A test will be conducted to see that the laser settings are correct and that no allergic reactions occur.

    Once that is completed, the laser will thoroughly target each area of hair you would like to have removed. You will receive an ice pack or a lotion for your skin at the end of the appointment to eliminate any possibility of discomfort. We design our laser hair removal appointments in a way where you can have an overall relaxing experience.

    Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

    Waxing and shaving are the other hair removal options, but that cannot be compared to our laser hair removal treatment. Waxing is temporary, very painful and gets costly with time. In less than two years for the cost of waxing, you could pay for the entire laser hair removal treatment and never have to wax again.

    Shaving is uncomfortable and can be expensive to do on a regular basis when you consider the cost of razors, blades, shaving cream and more. When you shave, you have to deal with the razor bumps. Start looking forward to big savings, as well as smoother skin, now by choosing our laser hair removal treatment.

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