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    What is Suffolk County Electrolysis?

    Electrolysis is a method used to remove hair from areas of skin where hair removal is desired. Suffolk County Electrolysis is one such method, which has been praised by many dermatologists and other health care professionals in the Suffolk area. Suffolk County Electrolysis using it normally consists of a small portable generator attached to a ring near the hair core, dissolving the dark pigment (color) within the hair follicle, rendering it unable to grow and display new hairs.

    Suffolk County Electrolysis using it normally consists of a small portable generator attached to a ring near the hair core, dissolving the dark pigment (color) within the hair follicle, rendering it unable to grow and display new hairs. Suffolk County Electrolysis is commonly used on sensitive areas such as the eyebrows, lips, neck, armpits and genitals.

    It is important that Suffolk County Electrolysis is followed properly to ensure the best possible result. This means, first remove all excess dark pigment with a small abrasive or abrasive cleanser prior to Suffolk County Electrolysis. Some dermatologists use Suffolk County Electrolysis to remove hair from the skin prior to a surgery. Suffolk County Electrolysis is most often used on women because Suffolk County Electrolysis cannot remove upper lip hair and Suffolk County Electrolysis is used to remove male facial hair such as whiskers, sideburns, goatees and chins.

    Suffolk County Electrolysis uses modern and innovative equipment to successfully work on all skin types to achieve the desired speed of hair closure in all but the most complicated cases. Suffolk County Electrolysis makes use of special threads that provide greater comfort for the client and are less painful and less effective. Suffolk County Electrolysis offers its clients excellent services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Suffolk County Electrolysis is commonly used on sensitive areas such as the eyebrows, lips, neck, armpits and genitals. The premier provider of Suffolk County Electrolysis is Transforming Beauty Spa. We are a full service beauty spa specializing in all areas of skin care and body treatments.Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

    How Does Suffolk County Electrolysis Work?

    Suffolk County Electrolysis is performed through a solution of potassium chloride and silver hydrochloride. An electric current is produced between the anode (where the negative electrode is located) and the cathode (the positive electrode), creating hydrogen ions, which penetrate deep into the skin, forming water with the fat molecules. The water is then eliminated from the body through urine or diuresis.

    Like any beauty treatment, Suffolk County Electrolysis is most effective when combined with other equipment. Using a hair removal cream on a weekly basis can make the results faster and longer lasting. Fragrance-free oils are also ideal to complement the Suffolk County Electrolysis session.

    Electrolysis is the splitting of molecules or ions by means of electric current. At Suffolk County Electrolysis, it is used to disintegrate the fat cells in the deposits beneath the surface of the scalp. This allows the treatment to be effective and not cause damage to healthy, forming hair follicles. The electrodes are small metal rods that conduct the current between them. The rods are placed over the area to be treated. An electric current passes through the patient’s head which is filled with water during the procedure. The discharge of electrons destroys the fat cells under the surface of the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles to produce new healthy hair.

    A Suffolk County Electrolysis spokesperson said that this procedure is safe and effective because the electrical current only targets the cells where hair loss has occurred. Suffolk County Electrolysis’s electrolysis expert says that the latest addition to electrolysis  is the way in which Suffolk County Electrolysis treats each follicle with a pulse of energy. Suffolk County Electrolysis is performed by inserting a sterile probe into the hair follicle and it emits an electrical current that targets precisely only where Suffolk County Electrolysis has to remove the hair. Suffolk County Electrolysis expert is completely painless because Suffolk County Electrolysis uses minimal discomfort due to its advanced technology.

    Benefits of Suffolk County Electrolysis

    Electrolysis does not damage the hair follicle, so it can be lost again and can grow back. It is also not affected by the color, texture or density of the hair. The electroporation process is as simple as follows: the top hair follicle is removed about 1/2 inch with a small tweezer, saturated in liquid nitrogen to prevent damage during the process and injected into a plastic container. This singular cell will be subjected to a passive current through a small metal surface so that the negative ions lower the anode potential and it begins to function. It is as simple as it is!

    Suffolk County Electrolysis is a method of destruction that uses electrical current to remove hairs where appropriate. This procedure has been tried and tested by many people. The following are some of the significant benefits or advantages of using this technique:

    -The process is safe. One can remain calm because there is no collateral damage.

    -It is safe, effective and permanent with guaranteed results.

    -The costs are competitive and the quality of service is excellent.

    -There is a wide variety of scientific studies in favor of the method.

    -Only one or two sessions are needed to remove hair permanently, with no need for repeat procedures.

    -The physical advantages allow women to work on their crafts or enjoy the home longer and with less discomfort.

    -The machine can be used on different parts of the body, no matter where the hair is located.

    -The treatment lasts longer than other types of treatments. This means that you will have to spend less time in electrolysis Suffolk County for your body to get rid of all the hairs.

    -You do not need any anesthesia or medication to have Suffolk County Electrolysis done on you, so it is completely safe. 

    -The results are long lasting! Suffolk County Electrolysis will give you smooth skin for up to six months without having to spend more money at Suffolk County Electrolysis centers.

    -Suffolk County Electrolysis is available at any time during the year because there are no holidays or vacations when Suffolk County Electrolysis is available.

    There are usually no side effects, but the treated areas must be cared for after the session. The real advantage is that once the process is finished, you will never see hair in that area for the rest of your life!

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