Eliminate The Stubborn Fat!

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved fat reduction process that is known as cryolipolysis. Cold damages fat cells and therefore reduces the amount of fat that is being stored. It is 100% safe and will not damage any other cells during the fat freezing and reduction process. This process is a non invasive way to get back in those tight jeans and look and feel better without having surgery or trying other forms of fat reduction that just do not work.

Each procedure for CoolSculpting takes approximately 1 hour in time and there is no recovery time because there is no damage to the skin or tissues. The most discomfort that we have ever encountered has been that of a sore muscle after working out.

Coolsculpting is indeed permanent , the fat cells that are eliminated from CoolSculpting will not come back. Frozen, Dead and Excreted through the liver within weeks after treatment. Coolsculpting has been known to reduce fat by up to 20% per treatment. This procedure leaves the body perfectly sculpted without blemish should you be consistent and stay with it.

Why Choose Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary, non surgical, non invasive way to eliminate that stubborn fat. Regardless of your diet and exercise sometime fat bulges just will not go away. at bulges are resistant to diet and exercise. When you choose CoolSculpting there is No downtime, no side effects and it performs exactly how it says. Yes, it does it’s job and it does it permanently!

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