Long-Lasting Body Wraps

Weight Loss and Relieve Joint Pain

Let Us Help You Reach Your Fitness Goal

Count on the professionals at Transforming Beauty Spa to provide you with the industry-leading FIT Bodywrap. This body wrap system is proven to help users lose weight, detoxify their systems and relieve joint pain. Count on us to provide you with referral discounts.

Weight Loss and Detoxification

During the session, a great way to lose all of the water weight that your body is holding on to is by sweating it all out. During rehydration, the short-term loss of this water weight will be regained. The 15% of the sweat content that consisted of the fats and toxins will not be replaced.

Extensive sweating is also proven to be an energy-intensive process. Your body will burn calories, as your metabolism speeds up the more you seat. After one session, your metabolism can stay increased for a couple of hours which means that even after your session, your body will continue to burn calories.

By sweating out all of your water weight, you are also sweating out all of your toxins that have been sitting in your body throughout the day. While sweating using the FIT Bodywrap, your body will burn off all of the excess fat, cholesterol, ammonia, sulfuric acid, nicotine, alcohol, mercury and aluminum.

Pain Relief and Joint Stiffness

Our normal response to when our body is in pain is to apply heat or ice to the sore spot. Infrared heat has been clinically shown to help increase blood flow in our bodies. This increase of blood flow helps our bodies focus on repairing the damaged joints or muscles that are causing us pain. Long with increasing the blood flow it also oxygenates the skin. This oxygenation process also aids our body in healing damaged nerve endings.

Benefits of Using the FIT Bodywrap

  • Controls chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Resolves inflammatory infiltrates and edema
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Helps repair soft tissue injuries
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Relieve muscle spasms
  • Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue

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