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Are Facials Good for Your Skin?

As your undeniable calling card, your face is the most visible part of your body. As a result, it’s vital to always look your best and put your best face forward.

While many of the over the counter face cleansing products claim efficacy, the premier way to find your best face is with the professional assistance of an esthetician.

Estheticians are licensed skincare professionals who specialize in bolstering the overall condition of your skin. These professionals provide a wide array of services including a range of different types facials. Although everyone enjoys the soothing massages and pampering involved in facials, many people still wonder are facials good for your skin.

The following information answers this common question and explains some of the top benefits of facials.

Improved Health

As the largest organ on your body, your skin has several important jobs. The skin acts an effective barrier, houses your vital organs, and protects them from the elements. As a result, when you take care of your skin through facials, you actually improve your overall health.

During your facial, your esthetician closely examines your skin and teach you new preventative care treatments. Best of all, your esthetician will typically be the first one to alert you if any serious skin conditions exist.

Prevent More Serious Skin Problems

When you visit your esthetician, you will receive an examination to determine if you should be referred to a dermatologist. With regular visits, your esthetician will be able to quickly let you know if there are any suspicious spots on your skin or changes in moles that require medical attention.

An experienced esthetician will be able to assist you with skin problems before those problems become serious enough to require invasive procedures.

Even if you do require some type of surgery, an esthetician will help you prep your skin before the procedure as well as treat it after the surgery.

Facials Help Develop New Skin Cells

Facial treatments are designed to restore and improve circulation to the layers of your facial skin, which increases the overall flow of nutrient-rich blood to your skin cells.

When the blood rushes to your skin, it plumps your skin cells with water and nutrients, which results in an illuminating healthy glow. This process is designed to reduce dry skin and reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles.

In any case, the essential minerals and vitamins found in blood assists your body in maintaining and developing new skin cells.

Facials Cleanse the Skin

Since your skin is your largest and most exposed organ on your body, it simply makes sense to have facials on a regular basis. Facials essentially involve the massaging of your skin with remedies and other facial creams to deep clean your skin.

This treatment removes all of the dirt, grease, and toxins found in everyone’s everyday environment. At the same time, these types of facials are designed to minimize your body’s over abundance of the natural substance sebum.

While the right amount of sebum lubricates and moisturizes your skin, too much leads to skin problems, such as acne and blackheads. Cleansing facials are designed to open up your pores and remove harmful toxins and dead skin from your face.


Estheticians use both chemical and physical exfoliants to help remove dry skin and stimulate cell renewal.

Exfoliation is also an effective treatment to help fade post-breakout dark/red marks while breaking down stubborn brown spots and discoloration.

The process of exfoliation allows the active ingredients to be absorbed deeper into your skin for maximum results. In the end, this process actually firms and tightens your skin.


In today’s modern age, everyone wants to look younger. Although there is no possible way to halt the inevitable process of aging, there are several technologies and treatments designed to slow the overall process.

When you have a facial, your esthetician can implement several different types of treatments based on your desired results. For instance, laser light treatments can be used to increase collagen and remove dead skin to stimulate new cell growth and development.

Facials Require Skin Analyzation

Since not all skincare products are the same or are designed for everyone’s skin, it’s vital to know which skincare products are best for your skin.

During your facial, your esthetician will analyze your skin to determine the best products for you. At the same time, your esthetician will be able to let you know the skincare products that wouldn’t work best.

It’s not only women who are enjoying the benefits of facials. Today, men and teenagers have become increasingly aware of the advantages of having facials on a regular basis.

However, not all facials are created equally. The experts at EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre Centre offer decades of experience performing a wide array of facials for all types of skin. Contact the EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre today to schedule a consultation or an appointment for a facial.

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