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Body Wraps


The FIT Wrap is effective in many ways. It's patent pending design covers you head-to-toe, which means even heating without cold zones. Also, the skin-adjacent heating means better results than infrared saunas.


The FIT Body Wraps our Hicksville spa has make for a relaxing and patient experience... many patients fall asleep! Each patient gets to relax in complete privacy and your arms are free to read a book or use your computer!


The FIT Wrap is designed for a quick set-up and maintenance between sessions. Each FIT coat is designed to be disposed which minimizes cleanup and allows patients to be comfortable.

Not all body wraps are created equal.  At Transforming Beauty Spa Inc., we offer the industry-leading FIT Body Wrap at our Hicksville location. This infrared heat bodywrap system is proven to help users lose weight, detoxify their systems, and relieve joint pain.  Spend a relaxing half-hour or hour in our Body Wrap, and you’ll love the results.

Weight Loss and Detoxification

Weight Loss and Detoxification


During a session, the sweat that is being released from your body is a great way to lose all of the water weight that your body is holding on to. The short term loss of this water weight will be regained during re-hydration, but the 15% of the sweat content that consisted of the fats and toxins will not be replaced.


Extensive sweating is also proven to be an energy-intensive process. This means, the more you sweat the more your metabolism speeds up which helps your body burn off calories. After one session, your metabolism can stay increased for a couple of hours, which means that even after your session your body will continue to burn calories.


By sweating out all of your water weight, you’re also sweating out all of your toxins that have been sitting in your body throughout the day. While sweating using the FIT Body wrap, your body will burn off all of the excess fat, cholesterol, ammonia, sulfuric acid, nicotine, alcohol, mercury, and aluminum.

Pain Relief and Joint Stiffness

Pain Relief and Joint Stiffness


When our bodies are in pain, our normal response is to apply heat or ice to the sore spot. Infrared Heat has been clinicly shown to help increase bloodflow in our bodies. This increase of blood flow helps our bodies focus on repairing the damaged joints or muscles that are causing us pain. Not only does it increase blood flow, but it also oxygenates our skin. This oxygenation process also aids our body in healing damaged nerve endings.


Other benefits to using the FIT Body Wrap:

Controls chronic pain Fibromyalgia
Resolves Inflammatory infiltrates and edema Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Helps repair soft tissue injuries Cardiovascular Health
Relieve muscle spasms Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue

How does the FIT Body Wrap Work?

The FIT BodyWrap produces infrared heat. Infrared heat is light that we can’t see, but can feel. The infrared heat heats up and the heat penetrates our body instead of just heating the skin. The heat that’s being released into our bodies is 5-15 micron wavelengths, which is the same as what we produce in our bodies normally. That not only makes this practice safe, but it also makes it a natural process for detoxifying and relieving joint paint.

The heat penetrates the body by heating the air around us. During a session, the wrap will be placed over you and the infrared heat will be generated very close to your body and penetrates up to 1-2 inches. By only penetrating this far into your body, the heat is concentrating on the areas where fats and toxins are being stored, making this an effective weight loss wrap. Fats and Toxins become soluble at temperatures of 100 degrees, so when your body reaches this temperature, the fats, toxins, heavy metals, and acids are dissolved and excreted through sweat or from your kidneys.

The patent-pending system includes a computerized controller allowing the client and provider to target the heat to any of 4 different areas of the body and to control each area to the specific degree for maximum comfort and effectiveness. The bodywrap construction includes military-grade carbon-fiber elements and temperature sensors, along with multiple insulating layers and unique construction for comfort and durability, making this is the best available body wrap in Hicksville. Two arm wraps allow the client use of their arms and hands to read or use personal electronics while they relax.


The system also includes custom-developed FIT Booster spray, which works in conjunction with the infrared heat treatment to amplify results while also providing anti-aging, anti-cellulite and skin enhancement benefits. So a FIT Bodywrap session can also leave your client’s skin feeling great.

A FIT Bodywrap Session

Clients disrobe in privacy and apply the FIT Booster spray, which is easily self-applied, even spraying upside down for hard to reach areas. They put on a FIT Coat, a disposable, multi-layer garment designed to maximize comfort and effectiveness as well as inhibit sweat from entering the bodywrap. The client enters the bodywrap, attaches the arm wraps, and simply relaxes. At anytime, they can adjust the temperature of any part of the wrap. Treatments last from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the application.


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