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Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound

There are many benefits to Cavi-Lipo! Some of the benefits include:
- Removing double chins and Cellulite
- Non - Invasive and no surgery involved
- Helps sore muscles and joints

We offer a 10 session pack that helps you lose 6 inches on your waist!

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Facial Therapy

Facial therapy is not only relaxing but it also has more benefits then you think!

It can help get rid of acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and even crows feet.

First treatment for new customers is only $39!

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FIT Wrap

Using our Infrared body wraps is a great way to aid your health!
Some benefits include:
- Helps with bad arthritis
- Soothes aches, pains, and muscles
- Aids in weight loss and detoxification

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Our Mission is to provide our clients with outstanding service and Superior results!




Take the guess work out of  liposuction results. Cavi-Lipo™ is the world leader featured in the media and television the treatment Clients ask for by name. FDA cleared, safe, legal, the Gold standard in Ultrasound Cavitation treatments is what we do at our Hicksville beauty spa.

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Fit Wrap


Feel great and lose weight easily with our FIT Body Wraps here in Hicksville. The best, most professional, infrared body wrap solution! They’re both an effective and relaxing way to detox, lose weight, reduce cellulite & Improve your skin all in one!

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Spectrum Mask


Introducing the Derma LED Aesthetic Face Mask at our Hicksville location! It’s easy to administer, cost effective and a comfortable treatment. Improves your skin and restores natural skin collagen production for healthy, soft skin!

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We have some special deals for our new customers!

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